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Perfection is our standard

Tec Wire excels in designing constructions made with Stainless Steel and Carbon. Our strength lies in the fact that we manufacture everything in-house. Combined with our extensive experience in the field of rigging, we can guarantee the most exclusive and beautiful on-board solutions. Everything we produce is custom-made and finished to the highest level.


Stainless Steel, Carbon and Rope solutions

Concept & Design


Your wish


The path from initial concept to the final product is held in high regard at Tec Wire. During this entire process we offer one central point of contact for the client. Carefully we determine the clients wishes regarding the product. Is the functionality the most important aspect, is it the design or a combination of the two? When needed, a high-quality 3D visualization will be made beforehand, so you will have the clearest picture possible about what the final product will look like. It is often a challenge when standard solutions just won’t cut it. This is where Tec Wire’s true strength comes in. Out-of-the-box thinking, this is included in all our designs. Specialist knowledge of tools and materials are paramount in this process, and we often expand the limits as to what our machinery can do. Therefore, the final product is more often than not a combination of beautiful design and technical ingenuity.






Manufacturing & Assembly


Taking control of the process as a whole


After the design is approved it ends up in our own workshop where it will be made in accordance with the design sheets. 1 man or 1 team works on 1 project. This ensures a high level of involvement and creates a feeling of responsibility towards the product. This is how we achieve our high quality-standard. During assembly, when needed, our professionals will be on-site to ensure the high Tec Wire standard.






Carbon & Stainless Steel


Not a choice to make lightly

In yachtbuilding, the materials used are often exposed to extreme amounts of force and are constantly exposed to the weather. Salty water and extremes in both high and low temperatures considerably limit the range of suitable materials.


Carbon and Stainless Steel, two extremes

Stainless Steel is a tested non-ferro metal that is used often in yachtbuilding. Over the years, Tec Wire has specialised in the usage of this material. We exclusively make use of Stainless Steel 316, which is seawater-proof. By using only this material, we ensure that there will be no contamination with other ferro-metals during production. So you, our client, can rest assured.

Carbon is a relatively new player in the field of yachtbuilding. It invalueable due to its low weight combined with unbeleivable strength. During the carbon production process the temperature and pressure have to be meticulously monitored for the end result to be up to standard. That is why we make our carbon parts in-house.

Both knowledge and expertise of these two materials enable us to realise the most beautiful and functional projects, in conjunction with our Design Department.


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